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Christian Books Initiative Autumn 2020

The Henderson Group gave Equipping for Life £5,000 to buy Christian Books for the classes of the children who were involved with the Project. (Reading one-to-one with Equipping for Life Volunteer Tutors) Because of the Pandemic, the books have been waiting 6 months to be given out. By the end of 2020 we were finally able to distribute the books into the Schools in the Greater Shankill area.

In the middle of September 2020, all Volunteer Tutors sent cards to all the children who had been taken for reading. The giving out of the books are a further way of keeping contact with the parents and children.

Pictured are the two Volunteer Tutors who distributed the books, Jenny Hurst (left) and Heather Boyd (right)

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Jenny Hurst, Brother David Jardine and Heather Boyd
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