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The Covid Fightback Begins ... with Cakes!

After several months of being unable to visit schools due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our intrepid team of volunteers decided to take direct action … with cakes! At the beginning of December, a large number of cakes were collected by the volunteers to give out to the staff of schools where we are working. This is all part of an effort to stay in touch with teachers, pupils and parents while restrictions last.

The response from the team of EfL was terrific. We reckon that they brought at least 125 cakes and boxes of biscuits to our Centre on Monday morning. These were almost immediately taken out to the schools. Staff were surprised but also delighted and deeply grateful for the gifts.

At the same time we sent gifts to the schools for 450 children—cards which when they scratched them had a Christmas picture underneath.

Over the following few days all the Volunteer Tutors sent a Christmas card to each child whom they take for reading.

Every gift for the children had a card with a message from Brother David on one side and a prayer on the other. The prayer is shown below.
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Jenny Hurst, Pat Hutchinson, Jayne Forster and Heather Boyd

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Pat Hutchinson and Colin Dickenson

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Cake …

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… and more cake.

A Prayer for the Children of the Shankill Road
Dear Loving Heavenly Father, we bring before you at this Christmas season the young people of the Shankill Road. Lord, children are very important to you, but for these children and their families this year of 2020 has been a difficult one. Lord, we are asking that whatever challenges they have had to face in recent months that you will give them a good Christmas this year. May their hearts and their homes be filled with your peace and a sense of your presence in Jesus' name. Amen
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